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Hello, I'm so excited you found us!

Fitness has been something that transforms my mood & energy into happiness, even if I'm down. After every workout I walk away feeling empowered and ready to change the world. 

I wanted to bring this positive empowered feeling to every lady. 

In addition I dreamed of creating a place that ladies could come together as a community to laugh, love and support one another through this journey of life. 

I hope you can join our community and feel the magical power of exercise and Alana Life & Fitness.

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Virginia Lost 5.2 lbs

Christina Lost 7.4 lbs

Irena Lost 4.5 lbs

Zee Lost 5.2 lbs


Discover your home with us. Why sign up for multiple studios to get all of your favorite boutique classes when you can have it all under one roof at Alana Life & Fitness. 

We offer Yoga, Zumba, Pilates, Cycle Shred, Sculpt, Bootcamp, Barre, Sculpt and more! 25 Classes per week, mornings, evenings and weekends! 

Below is just a highlight of some of the classes we offer. Experience it in person today with a complimentary pass. Call (718) 748-7700


We offer Hatha, vinyasa, intermediate and a fusion yoga. So no matter if you are a beginner or and advanced at yoga, there is a class for you. All of our yoga classes focus on connecting the mind and body, in addition to improving strength and flexibility.  


Using ballet based movements Barre sculpts, strengthens and stretches your entire body. 

In each energizing class, you'll use the barre and hand weights to engage targeted areas of your body.  


A POUND workout fuses cardio interval training with drumming to provide a challenging, heart-pumping workout. It's a full-body cardio workout!

The constant up-and-down drumming targets your inner and outer thighs, butt, and core. 


Pilates focuses on working out the abdomen, obliques, lower back, inner and outer thigh, butt through a mix of floor mat based exercises and core focused standing exercises. 

You will feel the burn while also improving your strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, coordination, balance, and good posture.


We take the "work" out of workout, by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party.

A total workout, combining all elements of fitness – cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility, boosted energy and a serious dose of awesome each time you leave class.

Cross Training

Functional body weight based movements within a high intensity cardio workout make this an excellent calorie burner for anyone looking to lean out!

Think exercises like burpees, squats, light weights, and pushing yoursel to your fullest potential.

The Pearl Training program is a 6-12 week program that combines a exercise training program with a trainer and an online nutrition video course that we created to make sure you see the results you are looking for. 

In the nutrition program you will learn exactly which foods are weight loss foods, and which ones are more likely to contribute to gaining weight. In addition you will learn how to know how much to eat and how to prep your meals for success.

Paired with your nutrition program is a trainer who will create a custom exercise program your body and any injuries. Our goal is to help you improve strength, mobility and body composition weather that's reducing fat, increasig muscle or both! 

If you are looking for making a big chang your health and fitness, I invite you to sit down with our wellness coach so we can start your program today! Call us at 718-748-7700

More Testimoial Videos - Black Light Cycle Party 

Maryam Yoga Teacher & Belly Dancing Instructor  

As a yoga teacher, Maryam does not only give practical guidance to strengthen the physical body, but also sharing tools for others to become more peaceful and happier human beings

More info...

Karolina Class Instructor& Personal Trainer

Karolina can help you get that Bikini competitor look, improve overall strength and teach you that weights can be your bestfriend too!

More info...

Shannon Pilates Reformer Trainer & Personal Trainer  

Shannon can help you develop passionate discipline in fitness thru Pilates and Reformer.

More info...

Cookie HIIT Circuit / Kickboxing / Mixed Martial Arts Instructor  

Cookie can help you lose weight, tone your muscle while learning a few jabs and kicks thru Kickboxing & strength training!

More info...


"How personable everyone is! Culture is grown from executives. Kristy is clearly the positive wave of energy that flows through her staff!"

-Whitney Owens

"Everyone was extremely helpful, kind and caring. The equipment was always clean and everything was neat and available."

-Vanessa Fayzulin

"It is very clean. The accommodations are wonderful. The staff is very kind. There are a lot of cool classes that are included. The hours are good."

-Juliana Sennett

"I love Everything about Alana’s fitness. I love the girls at the front desk and I love the trainers as well. Everyone is very pleasant. The staff is very supportive and they are all amazing women. The gym is super clean and I appreciate that very much. I would like to say Alana’s fitness by far is an unique and wonderful gym to workout at. I am very proud to be a member. Thank you for making it a special place I greatly appreciate it."

-Nada Aburmeileh

"Everything is amazing! This is the best sports club I have ever joined! I have recommended your club to others and hopefully theyvwill join us and share the experience!!!"

-Linda Tennyson

"The fact that Alana Life and Fitness has a welcoming staff makes the experience of achieving your fitness goals much easier. Also the fact that this gym has an all female environment appeases my nerves and insecurities. Lastly, the gym's cleanliness is excellent and well maintained."

-Shania Shetiata

"This is not just a gym for me. It is a place to unwind from work and work out at the same time. It has a very relaxing atmosphere. It is a very upscale gym that has very reasonable rates."

-Christine McEntyre

"I like that the staff here is very friendly and willing to help! The club is kept clean and has an very warm/inviting feel. They also guarantee unlimited access to all workout classes which is excellent!"

-Carla Marquez

"I love everything about the services provided at Alana Life and Fitness. The staff is very welcoming and kind to everyone who walks in with a nice smile and greeting, making you feel like you really belong there. The gym is also very clean and all the classes always run on time. I also love the classes, the instructors are awesome and motivating and really kick up a great hour long class, that makes you super excited for the next one!"

-Sadia Pannu

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